I’m working on some longer stories, which I’m not posting on this site, but this is some information about them. I may occasionally post some shorter fiction works.


Title: Dream Ramble (book one)

Genre: Fantasy (children/YA)

Back of the book blurb thingy: 

A box of objects,

some thoughts about infinity,

and three annoying siblings.

2/3 of these things belong to Luna Blue. All of them should.

And then there’s Rosemary, the mysterious girl from across the street, next to the odd old woman in the odd old house. The one with all the cats.

Luna needs her, too.

All she gets is moved to a strange place, alone, and scared. What is 13 o’clock? Why is a little red dot appearing (more often than not) here and there? And most importantly:

where is her family?

Status: First draft (finished), word count: 8597


Title: Memorandums (book two)

Genre: Fantasy (children/YA)

Back of the book blurb thingy:

Marley Blue is ruined.

Marley Blue is a painter.

She’s a listener. A letter-writer. A broken, ruined, girl without a father. The daughter of a musician, as ironically as it may be. A girl with no hope, no chance, and no friends.

She finds Elena’s letter in a book at the library, and since then, her life has changed. In more ways than one.

Also, Marley Blue is deaf.

Status: First draft (finished), word count: 12850


Title: Stardust (book three)

Genre: Fantasy (children/YA)

Back of the book blurb thingy:

“What does it feel like? Knowing that she was going to die?”

A pause.

“It feels like the world is going to end, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Another pause.

“Nothing.” A breath. “Absolutely nothing.”

Status: First draft in progress, word count: 6346


Title: Masked

Genre: Fantasy/realistic fiction (confusing, I know)

Back of the book blurb thingy:

A mask of gold.

A sheet of bubble wrap.

Two deflating balloons.

One abandoned butterfly net.

A paper bag full of Life Savers.

One leather suitcase.

A mask of gold.

Status: First draft in progress, word count: 2581





Back of the book blurb thingy:



I have two more, but I’m too lazy to write them right now. Oops. 😂