I’m working on some longer stories, which I’m not posting on this site, but this is some information about them. I may occasionally post some shorter fiction works.


Title: Eleven Seconds

Genre: Fantasy/Realistic?? (children/YA)

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***too new to have a blurb***


Status: First draft in progress, word count: 1283


Title: Circus

Genre: Re-telling/Fantasy (children/YA)

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[Elephant ears and angel wings.]

The circus is alive.

Often the curtains open and close by themselves, and the colorful ribbony flags wave violently in the air, though there is no wind. The brooms sweep the floors alone, cleaning up bits of popcorn and crumbs of pastries.

There are scents and sights and sounds; things so unimaginable, you can hardly even think about it properly. The smell of plums and chocolate always lingers, even when the circus is closed. The large tents–not made of usual plastic, but something else you can’t describe–are occupied by many. Even during the night, you swear you can hear sounds. Acrobats and dancers performing. And you can see a long line heading into the circus, for it is always open.

There are no performers, except for the objects themselves. But what would you call objects that aren’t inanimate? Objects that are alive?

They hadn’t always been that way, of course.

It happened in a…peculiar way.

There are no animals in the circus, but one.

That is, if you consider the Beast an animal at all.
Status: First draft in progress, word count: 9567