Or Silena.

*** Also, this post has spoilers for The Last Olympian and basically every book after that. ***

Or anyone dead, really.

I’m sorry for yelling, but I am really a strong believer in this. Percy + Annabeth would not, in my opinion, name their child after one of their dead-friends, especially Luke.

I have nothing against Luke himself. He was good in the end. That’s great and all. But I think there is too much pain in the whole Luke topic for Percy or Annabeth to name their child after him. This is the case with Silena, too. I’ve read a lot of PJO fanfic where Percabeth names their daughter “Silena”. But it must be extremely painful for them to think about how one of their friends died. They sacrificed themselves. It’s a little hard to bring up the subject.

Not to mention that Annabeth used to have a crush on Luke. I don’t know how Percy would feel about that. I mean, imagine this:

You and someone you love have gotten married. (Congratulations, by the way.) Your child is born, and your spouse wants to name it after their ex-partner.

Isn’t that just a little bit awkward for you? Maybe? Especially in the case that it was a love triangle. (Er–quadrilateral. Rachel was there, too.)

So. Yeah. That’s all I had to say.

Love ya,

~ Lilou


Credits to the artist! I don’t know who it is. Comment if you know.


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