Character sorting

Let’s begin the sorting of Percy Jackson characters (from both PJO and HoO) into Hogwarts houses!

I myself am a Hufflepuff, if you care to know. ūüėČ Before we really start, let’s establish the traits for each Harry Potter house, in no particular order (sometimes characters may value these traits instead of embody them):


Gryffindor Рwitches and wizards in this house are brave, courageous, adventurous, daring, and chivalrous. Gryffindors have a lot of nerve. They are known to be a bit reckless at times, can show-off, but always stand up for those in need.

Ravenclaw РRavenclaw is well-known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness, and knowledge. They often value brains over brawn. Ravenclaws are very independent.

Slytherin – people in this house are cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. Because of their ambition, they are often¬†stereotyped as “evil”, but ambition can be used for good as well as bad. Plus, Scorpius Malfoy is awesome.

Hufflepuff РPuffs value hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. They are kind and honest.

And this:


Most people put Percy in Gryffindor and Annabeth in Ravenclaw, but I’m doing this my own way.

Okay, first up:

Percy Jackson:

Percy is brave and, at times, impulsive. He is very kind and always plays fair. He has a fun sense of humor, and always stands up for people being bullied. He never does a good deed just to show off. His fatal flaw is loyalty, and he would destroy the world to save a friend.

Taking all this into consideration, I’ve decided to place him in¬†Hufflepuff. Percy is, above all, extremely loyal and kind. He is honest. While he is brave like Gryffindors, I think he would value Hufflepuff traits more.

Annabeth Chase:

Annabeth is a strong and determined young woman. She is ambitious, brave, and incredibly smart. She is strong fighter, like Percy, and never gives up. Her fatal flaw is hubris, which is excessive pride or self-confidence, making her extremely prideful.

I think Annabeth would be a¬†Slytherin. She’s determined, ambitious, resourceful, intelligent, and prideful (hence the hubris). While she is not exactly cunning, I feel she still embodies and values enough traits of the Slytherin house to be placed there.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare:

Rachel is independent, unique, creative, and clever. She is her own person and does what she knows is right. She works hard and fundraises for what she believes in. She also has flaming red-orange hair.

To me, Rachel is a¬†Ravenclaw. Her independence and creativity make her stand out. She’s wonderful artist‚Äďmuch like Luna Lovegood, another great Ravenclaw‚Äďand witty and intelligent. In stressful situations, she doesn’t panic, but takes action.

*cough cough* blue hairbrush… *cough cough*

Thalia Grace:

Thalia is a strong, independent woman. She doesn’t like to rely on others. She is intelligent and brave, but not quite reckless. Her fatal flaw is ambition….

***spoiler alert***

…and this nearly causes her to join Kronos’s army in the 3rd book (The Titan’s Curse).

***no more spoilers***

Because of this, I am putting Thalia in¬†Slytherin. She portrays many of the Slytherin traits as well as values them. Lucky for her, she’ll have Annabeth by her side.

Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque:

Both Frank and Hazel are brave, kind, sweet, and honest. They are considered the most “innocent” (from the 7) by the fandom. Both are clever and play fair. They both have incredible magical strength as well.

I am going to put Frank and Hazel in¬†Hufflepuff. They are extremely loyal and honest, like Hufflepuffs, and I think they’ll fit right in a society of kindness.

Jason Grace:

Jason is a brave guy, but very serious. He has a moderate sense of humor. He always follows the rules (though he gets more laid back as the story progresses) and he is quite honorable. He often criticizes himself when he makes errors.

Jason was really difficult for me to place, but in the end I decided to put him in Gryffindor because he is brave, so. If anyone has any ideas, comment.

More Characters but I Was Too Lazy to Write About Them (sorry!):

  • TYSON (‘CUZ I LOVE TYSON):¬†Tyson is so sweet and kind and loyal and patient and forgiving. He’s 100% a Hufflepuff for me.
  • Piper McLean (#platonicpipercy4ever):¬†I think Piper is a Ravenclaw.¬†A side note: she reminds me a lot of Rachel.
  • Leo Valdez (TEAM LEO FOR THE WIN):¬†To me, Leo is a¬†Slytherin.

People I Had No Idea Where to Place:

  • Grover Underwood (maybe Hufflepuff?)

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