I know // and I’m sorry

I know, really I do. And I’m sorry. I haven’t posted anything in ages! But my friends, I promise you, it’s not because of me being bored of this blog. Or of you. I’ll never be bored of you, I promise you that.

So, here we go. The reasons why I was gone:

1. School

School is probably the main reason I was gone. We just had standardized testing, which equals hours of studying. Plus we have tons of work. And tests. And more tests. It’s the end of the year, which means I have lots of work to do.

2. New books

I got three new books. And then I went to the library and got two more. And I loved them all. So, I read and read and read. The thing is, I sort of forgot myself in the little world of reading.

3. Writing

I’ve been working on a bajillion stories recently. I’ve been writing a lot on them, too, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else.


There were times when I did have time to blog, but I forgot. Or I did other things. Or I just didn’t feel like it. In that case, it is entirely my fault. I should have come to write something, at least every once in a while. So, at times, I had no excuse.

Thank you,

~ Lilou


(not my photo, credits to whomever, comment if you know)


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