I have a WIP called Masked. It’s about a group of kids (teens? peoples? adults?) in college. Kind of a mixed up club of misfits. Here’s the cast of characters:

Grace Ann

Gender: female

Background: Born with a golden masquerade mask concealing her face. Is a reader, a dreamer, shy. Golden eyes. Dark skin, curly hair. Wants to be a ballerina. Insecure. Has big ideas. Likes to read. Daydreams when alone. Is afraid to “act-out”. Introvert.


Gender: male

Background: The artist and collector. Glues things together. Crafts. Disorganized and messy. Dark blond hair and freckles. Hazel eyes. Paint splattered jeans. Kind and shy. Brave to an extent. Introvert.


Gender: female

Background: Orphan, adopted. Plays violin. Broken. Dark wavy hair, blue eyes. Wheelchair little sister. [Blue] wants to make Megan [sister] happy. Wants to be a musician. Introvert.

(Okay, I promise not all of them are shy and quiet and introverted. Siriusly.)

(Also, the format got a little weird here. Sorry.)

 Gender: female
 Background: Explorer. Adventurer. A sarcastic sort of person. Messy. Proud. Outgoing. British. Likes tea and has metal framed glasses. Red blonde hair, braided. Is obsessed with maps and compasses. Afraid of abandonment and getting lost. Extrovert.
 Gender: male
 Background: Kind. Loyal. Short attention spanned. Likes to skateboard. Eats candy. Not very serious, usually joking. Extrovert.
 Gender: male
 Background: Nerdish, lost, alone. Broken. Has no family and no home. Carries a big leather case everywhere. Plays instruments. Sad. Dark hair and obsidian eyes. Pale skin.
I only photos of the female characters, I couldn’t find anything matching what I was looking for to post for the other characters. Sorry. I’ll keep searching.
Grace Ann
Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.57.23 PM.jpg


Sage (she has a lot of photos!!)


(Those photos got pretty large at the end.)



“Who are you?” Jackson asked. There was girl he’d never seen before. She had a serious, determined expression and a long braid trailing down her back, sort of blondish red. She had large glasses, too–big metal framed ones. She took a deep breath and stuck her chest out, not nervous at all, it seemed.

“I’m still deciding.” She crossed her arms. “And you?”

He was fazed by her answer. Maybe a bit of rewording? “What’s your name?”

“I asked first,” the girl said.


“I said, ‘and you?’ which means I asked first.”

He was a little shocked, but said, “I’m Jackson.”

“Sage,” and she stuck out her hand like she was some sort of businessman, (woman?) trying to get a good deal. After Jackson shook her hand she started to fiddle with the compass on her necklace, pointing north, like they always did. Compasses, he meant.

No one spoke for a very long time.

Finally, he said, “Can I help you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, can you?”

“Why are you in my room? I don’t know you.”

“Well, now you do.”

And with that, Sage left.

Grace Ann

It was already horrible enough to have anxiety. To turn red faced and blurry eyed when someone approached her. (Which was too often, because of the mask, and all.)

The worst thing was, all she wanted to do was dance.

And dancing required a crowd.


This was why Sage was always the abandoned. Her mother had left. Ages ago, really, but it felt like only days, or weeks, or maybe seconds. But she promised, she would never be the one to leave. She would only be the one lost, because that always seemed to happen.

Sage had a compass, for being lost, for being found. She had a map of her home and her school. Maps of the neighborhood and maps of her country. She loved maps. She loved compasses.

She wanted to be safe. To always be safe, wherever she was.

But Sage also had a dilemma.

She was restless. An explorer. She was ready to find new things, anywhere, anytime, and she wasn’t scared. Not of forests or animals or death. Not of new places or new foods.

But she was scared of being left.

And she was scared of being lost.

But Jackson didn’t scare her.

So she sucked it up, lifted her chin, and left. Left after being left.

For once, she wished that people would just stay.

Any good characters? Good excerpts? Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus? (You can tell me. Comment. Please. I really would like to improve.)

~ Lilou


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