Libraries vs. bookstores


Okay. Listen. I have a friend who doesn’t like libraries.

I, personally, love love looooveee libraries. They’re so big and wonder filled. They’re covered in shelves stacked with books, so many books. Almost any book you can imagine, and maybe even more than that, are sure to be in the library.

I think libraries are pretty mysterious too.

You never know what’s next, what’s where, and where’s what. For all you know, a tiny treasure chest could be stuffed under twenty six books, mixed fiction and nonfiction by different authors, filled with signed first British edition Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling.

You really never know.

But bookstores–

Well, they’re special too. You get to keep what you get. It’s yours, your very own. You get a whole little universe to pocket and share with others, but it’s always yours, until you pass it on.

Strand is proof of generations of book passing.

Buy a book, sell a book, it can happen at Strand. Used books and new books and cheap books and expensive books and book buttons and book magnets and book t-shirts and–

Right. You get it.

Or what about Word? With their little cafe that sells coconut with chocolate. And their pins.

Which do you like better: bookstores or libraries? Libraries or bookstores?

I think I like both.

~ Lilou


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