Top bookstagrams and booktubes

In no particular order:



1. polandbananasBOOKS –

(mild language in videos sometimes)

Christine from polandandbananasBOOKS is hilarious! Her videos are all edited really well and she gives wonderful book reviews as well as trivia challenges, etc.

2. Tessa Netting –

Tessa is super funny too! She has awesome bookish videos and other fandom videos (Doctor Who, Hamilton, etc) on her channel. Luna, her cat, is adorable! (Coincidence: my cat’s name is Luna, too.)

3. TheVideoBird –

This channel is a group that creates webseries(es?) and their most recent one is a remake of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. They don’t do the full books, but all the parts they make are really well done and the actors are great!



1. fiction.and.cats –

Basically what it sounds like–books and cats! It’s a really pretty page!

2. wildlinggirl –

This one is beautiful too! It’s a bit similar to fiction.and.cats .

3. hafsahfaizal –

This one is very unique and colorful! The page is pretty mixed with all sorts of books and covers and fonts.

For these, I was too lazy to write a description, but they are just as good as the others:

4. readsleepfangirl –

5. littlebookwormig –

6. brumblewumps.books.and.plush –

7. myriadinklings –

8. hayaisreading –

My bookstagram:

bookish.otter –

My favorite journaling bookstagram:

agirlwithajournal –

Anyway, what are your favorites? Do you have any accounts of your owns?

~ Lilou


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