Nerds wanted: apply here

*Note: you do not need all 7 signs to apply

7 signs you should apply:

1. You are introverted.

If you are introverted, click here for a cool introvert pin! They’re a bit expensive ($10) but really fun! I wear it all the time.

2. You have an obsession with a book (series/not series), television show, or movie.

No further comments.

3. You like to read. A lot.

Even if it’s from the library, you can usually be seen with a book or two in your arms, shoved in your schoolbag, etc, etc. There are some books we just want to have for ourselves, of course. (Hint hint, Harry Potter, cough cough)

4. You talk to people about bookish things or fun facts, and they have no idea what you’re saying.

e.g. Oh my gods, are you sirius, etc.

5. You have (or would like to have) an overstuffed bookshelf.

About bookshelves… I took hours to rainbow organize mine.

6. Your TBR list is wayyyy too long.

I really would like to read Caraval by Stephanie Garber. It sounds beautiful and have great reviews.

7. Well, you’re on this blog.

Thanks for reading!



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