How to get out of a reading slump

Sometimes we have reading slumps. It’s normal. You don’t want to read. You can’t read. You don’t have time to read. Something, something, it preventing you from reading.

Dear reader, know this: these slumps can occur for days, weeks, or years at a time. Reading slumps are very dangerous.

Here are the common reasons (in no particular order) for getting into a reading slump and how to get out of it:

1. You finished a book and you can’t get over it

Okay, I get it. Sometimes you read the most life changing book and you just have to sit there, thinking about it. Maybe write down your thoughts in a notebook? If this doesn’t work, pick up a random book, even one you’ve read, and start it. If you don’t like it, try again. Don’t give up! It will eventually work!

2. You’re addicted to your device

It’s true, devices have a lot to offer. We have television shows, movies, fan fiction, blogs, Youtube, Instagram, etc, etc. If you really want to stop using the internet so much, shut them down. Power it off. Turn off your wifi for a while. Tell someone to hide your devices. Then pick up a book. Any book. And just start reading.

3. You have nothing to read

This is a bit of a problem. You don’t like your books or you have nothing to read. Maybe you can go to your local library? If they don’t have any books you want, or any books on your TBR, you can ask them to order a copy. If you have any extra money, you can stop at a book store, order a novel on Amazon, or download an eBook.

4. You have too much to read

Sometimes, you’ll have a huge stack of books you need to read. This can be a little intimidating. Pick one at random and hide the rest somewhere else. Pretend they don’t exist until you’ve finished the one you’ve picked out. You can lend some to a friend who might enjoy them. To prevent this: buy only one or two books at a time.

5. You have no time to read

This is one of the most common ones for me, actually. I can be busy with school, homework, friends, other hobbies, etc. Try to squeeze in a mandatory reading time. You can prop a book up on a cup while you’re eating breakfast. You can read a bit before bed. If you have no time at all to rest, maybe try to get something out of your schedule. It isn’t healthy to be busy all day. While having something to do is good, if you have very little time to sleep you may be overbooked.

6. You’re sick of reading the same plot over and over

Switch genres! If you don’t like fantasy anymore, try realistic fiction. Maybe if you’re tired of science fiction, read nonfiction. There are tons of genres that you can find by wandering around a new section of the bookshop or library! Maybe you can try reading a play, a classic, a book everyone’s been talking about. It’s really up to you!

7. You can’t get comfortable in your seat

Sometimes this happens. You just can’t settle down. Maybe you can get a nice blanket, light a few candles, drink some hot chocolate or tea. If it’s warm out, turn on your fans and have a glass of lemonade. Eat a popsicle. Sit by the AC in your best chair.

Some extra tips for getting out of reading slumps:

  1. Read something light, like a magazine or a short story. If you can’t get into a whole new universe just now, shorter things might help.
  2. Reorganize your bookshelf! Maybe you’ll find something you’ve forgotten about.
  3. Go to Goodreads. It’s quite a good way to browse.
  4. Join a bookclub if you have the time.
  5. Listen to an audio book.
  6. Some bookstores offer Mystery Books or “blind date with a book”. They’re wrapped up so you don’t know what title or synopsis is. All you know it the genre, age group, and price.

Comment any other tips! I’d love it hear them. 🙂

Thanks for reading.



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