Stick it to the man

So I’ve been listening to this song. (It has some mild language, so I won’t post all of it here.)

And it got me thinking about how we really should stand up for ourselves more. And for others.

“There’s been one solution,
Since the world began.
Don’t just sit and take it,
Stick it to the man.
Rant and rave
and scream and shout.
Get all of your aggression out.
They try to stop you,
let ‘em know
exactly where they all can go.
And do it just as loudly as you can!
Stick it to the man.”

And maybe, next time you see someone who could use some help, you try and help them out? Just a bit?

Thanks, my friends. ❤


(not my image)



One thought on “Stick it to the man

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