Orange, anyone?

We were dissecting clementines at school and I was thinking about the insides of people. And how sometimes, the inside is much better than the peel. And sometimes, the peel looks so lovely but the wedges are a nasty green color with barely any juice.

And I was thinking about how everyone is so different, like oranges, and some are nice and sweet and others have no taste at all. How do you know at first glance which is which? You can’t. And so, really, it takes a while to get to know someone.

(It took my partner and I forever to get the peel off in one piece, without using our hands, just the tools, and getting no juice out of the orange.)

And I was thinking, maybe, it would be easier to get the peel off slowly and neatly, rather than quickly. When you do it quickly, blood spills. And then nothing really works out from there. And you have to start over with a second orange.

But the thing is, with people, you don’t get another orange. You’ve only got one.

And people are (a bit) more complicated than oranges.



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