A place for me to ramble about Furthermore even though I haven’t finished it yet

That’s right. I’m obsessed. I haven’t even finished the book. But I just. I need to. So. I have created this post, in which I can ramble on and on about this wonderful awesome book and blah blah blah. And if you decide to comment about Furthermore, please, no spoilers! Thank you!

So. Feel free to skip this entire post. I won’t mind. Have fun. 🙂

Things I like about Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi:

1. The descriptions

Especially of the colors. Everything is said so nicely. Every word has it’s place. It’s just. Perfection.

2. Flower eating

Alice is eating flowers. It seems so natural. She’s talking to Oliver and just pops a tulip into her mouth, casually. I want to eat a flower, but at the same time, not. Just, flowers, okay?

3. Raining sun

I thought it was a really beautiful image of the sun raining. I wanted to see it. It seems so vivid, so philosophical or metaphorical. I imagine it dropping down like little tears of honey. I want to catch some on my fingertip, even though the sun’s rain doesn’t touch humans.

4. Magic

The magic in this story is so unique. No spells or wands, just magic. It seems like a really interesting concept that hasn’t been done before.

5. Alice without pigments

I love the idea of a character having no pigments at all except the small honey-golden eyes. The character with big colorful skirt and dozens of bangles on her wrists and ankles. It so well thought out and fascinating. Alice is very memorable.

6. The cover

It’s so lively and colorful and busy. I love to stare at it and trace my finger over it. I just love the artist’s work on the cover. It really is beautiful.

I recommend this book. A lot. I haven’t finished yet, but it’s on my list of top five favorite books. (Should I do a post on that?) So, maybe check it out? The link to the copy on Amazon is here. And here’s the cover:




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