A bad year?

On the other hand, the sun still rose very day. The stars blinked from above. Children laughed. People had cake. Books were printed. Ideas were born. Children were born, too. Balloons flew in the air. And some of it (some of it) wasn’t too terrible. Some of it was nice. Some of it was great! Some of it was sad. And angry. And some parts were sleepy and boring.

Maybe it wasn’t too bad. 2016, I mean. Maybe some of it was beautiful. The year is really what you make of it. Some of it was undeniably bad. But some of it (some of it) was beautiful. Completely beautiful.

Here are some things in our little nerdish community that were good, or nice, or even great:

1. Fantastic Beasts

One word: Newt.

2. Trials of Apollo

(It was a good book)

3. TCC (The Cursed Child)

I haven’t gone but I’ve heard it was a wonderful play! I know the script has mixed feelings. I have a copy on my bookshelf too. Feel free to comment what you thought of it!


I just wanted to go to Hogwarts. Please.



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